Ed’s Take–Feb. 4, 2011

Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup is one great tradition in NFL history. Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh. Two iconic, storied franchises. And just as they’re in a virtual dead-heat in terms of their tradition, I see this game as a tight matchup that could go either way.

For the Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is playing phenomenal football right now. The playoff run he has been on is right up there with the best who have ever played the position. With the exception of a portion of the Chicago game, Rodgers has been on fire, and so has the Packers’ offense.

For the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger has been his usual self, avoiding pressure and extending plays—just what they need from him with that very well-balanced, veteran team. Green Bay does need to try to put pressure on him. The worst thing they can do is to sit back and let Big Ben pick them apart.

Pittsburgh will want to play smash-mouth, tough football on both sides of the ball, and the Packers will have to match their intensity. I see this as a good matchup, and a close game, but I’m giving the edge to Green Bay.

I’ll never count Pittsburgh out. They’re a talented team with players who have won championships before, but I just think this is Green Bay’s year.

Who is your pick?